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Top 10 Press Release Writing Services in India

For Businesses and Organizations who want to communicate to people about their latest news, financial results, company information, and new product launch, press release play an important role as it helps to deliver the information to the audience. Press Release is a form of written communication, written by bloggers, journalists, and news organizations informing them about upcoming events. Press release demands specialized content writing as it delivers direct communication to the audience. Content writing companies like 306090 Global provide professional article writing which gets approved by the publication in one go.

There are many benefits of Press Release Writing. One of the primary advantages of press release writing services in India is that it helps in expanding the business owners and organization audience. When the press release is distributed among the reputed services it can be picked up by multiple news outlets and also the online publication and social media platforms, giving the company exposure to a larger audience. In this blog, we should discuss the top 10 Press Release Writing Services in India.

1. PR India Wire –

One of the top press release distributors in India is PR India Wire. The business offers a wide range of services in Press Release Writing Services to companies and organizations coming from different industries. PR India Wire is a subsidiary under VMC Media that is a full-time digital marketing agency in Delhi, India. It has a huge global presence mainly serving India, North America, and South East Asia. One of the main features of PR India Wire is that they have a wide range of media connections across India. They have a strong relationship with a large number of editors, journalists, and news editors including in the field of various sectors such as healthcare, technology, finance, and many more.

2. PR Pundit –

PR Pundit is a leading PR firm in India. It has a skilled team of press release writers and distributors. Their presence is both online as well as offline media. They have a strong track of records to get their clients featured in the top publication.

3. Business Wire India –

Business Wire India is the largest press release writing service distribution in India. It’s a subsidiary of business wire one of the most trusted newswire services across the world. Around 4,000 media outlets of Business, wire serve in the Indian region, ensuring that the customer sees the press release and reaches the highly targeted audience.

4. Press Release Jet –

Press Release Jet helps companies and organizations to reach a larger base audience with their news and announcement. They offer a variety of distribution choices such as national, international, and industry-specific audiences. One of the primary advantages of Press Release Jet is that the platform is user-friendly which makes the users write and send news fast and effectively.

5. PR Log –

PR Log India is a well-known press release service that assists you in getting the company's and organizations' latest news and releases to a variety of channels including blogs, the social media network, news, and websites. One of the main advantages of PR Log is that they offer free press release writing services. PR Log offers a wide range of premium distribution services such as industry-specific distribution, targeted distribution, and social media distribution. These options provided by them make the businesses and the organization target their audience more effectively.

6. Muck Rack –

Muck Rack is a media relation platform that has become an essential tool for PR professionals and journalists worldwide. The platform is designed to help PR professionals and journalists connect and collaborate more effectively, streamlining the PR process and making it easier to manage media relations. Its key feature is its media database, which included 50,000 journalists and media outlets around the world.

7. Easypresswire -

Easypresswire is a leading press release distribution network based in Jaipur, India, Founded in the year 2019. The key benefit of Easypresswire is affordable pricing. They offer a range of plans to suit different people according to their needs and requirement of the people. They also offer a paid type of services such as SEO optimization and analytics.

8. PR 24x7 –

PR 24x7 is a leading public relations and communication company based in India, Founded in the year 2006. They have a team of an experienced PR professional who helps in creating and executing the campaigns that help the company or the organization to reach their target audience and achieve their objectives.

9. Insta PR –

Insta PR aims to simplify the process of writing, delivering, and tracking a press release for startups and small enterprises. The Press release is distributed to various web portals, social media blogs, and content partner sites as a part of the basic PR package that costs around $150. As a value-added service, Insta PR is also offering research and study on digital marketing which can help your next press release the extra “bump” it needs to attract the audience.

10. News-Wire Online –

News Wire India was established in the year 2012 since then there have been tremendous growth for the company and the services they are providing to business and organizations. The platform provides access to particular geographic areas or demographic groups. The distribution is planned to maximize the press release's visibility and boost its chances of receiving media attention.

There are several Press Release Writing Services in India, each having its weakness and strengths. Businesses and Organizations looking to increase their visibility and reach their target audience can benefit well by working with the reputed Press Release Writing Services. By choosing among the top 10 press release writing services one can expect their press to be well crafted, targeted, and distributed to the right audience. But remember the content in the PR articles matters the most!

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