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Decoding the Consumption of Black Water trend!

We live in times where an out of the box idea becomes viral and sets a trend! And since the dawn of the pandemic induced lockdown- we have numerous trends coming up by various celebrities and famous personalities. It’s the likeliness of people talking about it that makes it a trend right? So, ever heard about the Black water? No this isn’t a dirty water contained with unfiltered materials, but it’s something new and trending. Let’s get to know more about it.

Black water is actually a black, alkali-based water with numerous health benefits attached to it. It has over 70 minerals that improve digestion, aid metabolism, lower acidity and boost immunity, among others. It has anti-ageing properties as well, since the pH level is above 7, which is more than regular water, claims the makers of the product. It’s apparently better at hydration and is filled with pH that is good for the skin and other things like immunity and general physical well-being. It apparently helps you with diabetes and cholesterol issues, and keeps weight in check, making it a special fluid. The active component of black water is fulvic acid which, as per experts, has many health benefits. It improves gut health, has antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation, aids absorption of electrolytes, safeguards against Alzheimer’s disease, helps in the prevention of allergic diseases, and lengthens the duration of the immune response.

The molecules of black water are smaller which means they are easily absorbed by the cells in the body and they are also faster in retaining the nutrients we provide to our system. Obviously, with these many qualities, it is bound to be more expensive. One litre of black water can cost ₹3000-4000, however there some viable options on amazon! While the price of regular water bottle is Rs 20-30, black water costs around Rs 90 for 500 ml on e-commerce sites. Many celebrities in India right from Virat Kohli, Shruti Hassan, Malaika Arora, etc consume the trending black water.

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