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5 Tips for Efficient Content Writing

Content Writing Tips

If you are an active thinker, then one profession you could start inculcating within is content writing.

Content writing is all about communicating the right message through the power of a pen and in our generation through your fingers. “A Pen is Mightier than a Sword” but even content writing have few protocols to be followed to add the unique element in it. Everything around you has a brief and can be beautifully presented in words in the form of content. It can be just expressing your thoughts for the day, or describing a beautiful flower in your garden. In fact, alphabets evolved much later, earlier humankind communicated through art, through pictures that’s why in India we have the Warli paintings and Egyptians have the Egyptians paintings on their walls since the early Dynastic period. Content writing is a reputed profession and has a huge scope in the market. Let’s analyze some tips for Smart Content writing which can help you improve your writing skills:

Content Writing is based on deep deep research on the subject:

As content is a reference used by individuals to read, its information transferred from one end to another. This information cannot be misleading. Research tools are used to double check the facts and figures. Few of the research tools which can be used are Quora or Ubersuggest. And also Research and reading are inseparable proteins of content writing.

Content Caption:

Content header is the window of attraction to welcome a reader to your page. This Caption needs to generate the curiosity for the reader to click the article link. Use around 10-12 words in your caption, a brief of the entire blog communication.

The Body of the Article:

The body of the article has a defined flow. The body should justify the topic; back it up with facts and figures in such a way which forced the reader to read your content till the end. This should be the motto of every content writer to hook up the reader till the end of the article. You can also give it a sanity check once completed.

Inculcate Images:

Inculcate images in your articles; this is for the science of our eye. Our eye gets attracted to colors or visuals more than black and white texts. Pictures bring back the lost attention of a reader. It also makes the blog quite interesting and relatable when you provide evidence to your write ups. It is best to use owned images, else free stock images available.

Leave your Credentials:

This is an important step to grow you as a content writer. If readers love your content, you should provide them with platform where they can constantly read your blog collection or know more of your personality. This credential can be a website link, a blog link or any social handle link which is a plethora of your writings. This step makes you a smart content writer. When you start to earn from your passion that’s the time you can call it your ‘Talent’!

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“Content is the King and Content is also the New Normal”

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